Scripture makes it clear that the mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus. And though the Sunday morning gathering is a vital part of our growth together, we have endless opportunity to live out God’s mission in our homes, jobs, routines, and relationships during the rest of the week.

We believe that having regular, intentional relationships with other Christians in a small group setting provides the best opportunity for Christian growth and a greater focus on missional living.

  • What is a SMALL GROUP?

    • Currently, North Side emphasizes small groups as essential for Christian growth. These groups (usually 8 – 12 people) usually meet on the North Side campus to study Scripture, pray together, and cultivate Christian community.

  • What curriculum is used for small groups?

    • Currently, all of our small groups (adults and children) use The Gospel Project. This study walks through the entire Bible, using age appropriate teaching to show how all Scripture points to Jesus.

  • How do I join a small group?

    • You can join a small group through an existing relationship at North Side, or click the button below.


In 2018, we began establishing “missional communities” in neighborhoods in and around Greenwood, SC. Going forward this will be our primary emphasis as we disciple one another on mission together. Missions is not product of discipleship, missions is the means of discipleship.


Small groups were designed to center on Bible study and fellowship. Those are needed aspect to any group, but we think there is another element to the life of any healthy group. Jesus calls us to “go and make disciples” and going is best done in teams. What better team to go on mission together than with a small group! We are calling these groups Missional Communities.

Missional communities are intentionally designed to meet the tangible needs of non-believers outside the group and share the Gospel with them while still studying the Word of God together and cultivating community inside the group.

Missional communities meet regularly in homes and neighborhoods in and around Greenwood, SC to study Scripture, pray together, and encourage one another. But missional communities also:

  1. identify specific people to serve and reach with the Gospel of Jesus

  2. open their homes and possessions to each other and to the outsider to show the love of Christ

  3. reorient their daily routines and make room to disciple and serve others

Missional communities leverage their time, resources, and relationships to love those outside the church and plant Gospel “seeds” in their hearts. This requires the Christian to shift from a self-serving focus to one marked by service to others. We heed Jesus’ words in Matthew 20:27-28 when we place priority on serving others, giving our lives for the mission of God.

This ultimately means that the missional community functions like the church described in Acts 2. Christians share life together, unbound by western cultural individualism that leaves us lonely, hopeless, and discontent.

Are groups messy? Yes, because none of us are perfect – we are messed up people dependent upon the lavish grace of God! But the pursuit of meaningful relationships within a missional community means putting preferences and self-serving ambitions to death to love one another well. This is evidence of a heart changed by Jesus, and the greatest apologetic for Christian life:

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

– Jesus, in John 13: 34-35

We believe that the beauty of missional communities is that it is a picture of the church at large, broken people coming together for the purpose of understanding the Word of God better, growing in relationship with one another, and serving the world around us.

  • When and where do missional communities meet?

    • Missional communities will meet at various times throughout the week in homes around the city of Greenwood, SC.

  • How do I join a missional community?

    • Currently, we are in the early stages of our shift towards a missional community model. As North Side’s elders continue identifying solid, Biblically-qualified leaders to start these missional communities, you can sign up to join one using the button below.