Serving our church family is a tangible expression of Christian community – when we serve each other, the entire church body is built up! Whether you want to serve on Sundays or throughout the week, you can find needs and opportunities here below:


sunday morning NURSERY
children’s teacher for wednesday nights


Deacons – Serves our members that are widows and/or members with long-term needs.  Our deacons interact regularly with our long-term care members to ensure that their needs are being met on a continual basis and to provide comfort and emotional support for each long-term member. 

Hands Team – Supports our deacon ministry as well as other short-term needs of church members by providing physical labor in various areas when needed. Examples of how this team may serve are:  raking leaves, cutting grass, cleaning gutters, lifting boxes, etc.

Meals Team– Provides support to our deacon ministry as well as other short- term needs by providing meals to families that have been hospitalized, when a family has lost a loved one, or when other needs arise.  

Encouragement Team – Our encouragement team looks for ways to provide encouragement to both our long-term and short-term care members.  This team remembers your birthday, extends sympathy, sends get well wishes, and celebrates the birth of a baby through sending cards on a weekly basis.

Music Team – Leads in worship through music for our Sunday gatherings and includes a weeknight and Sunday morning rehearsal. (audition required)

Tech Team – Runs audio & visual aspects of our Sunday gathering (mixing, lyrics, lighting, livestream, etc), as well as other functions of the church and includes a weeknight and Sunday morning rehearsal.

Children’s Ministry – Serves in nursery and/or teaches our children’s classes on Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday nights (background check required).

Student Ministry – Invests in our middle and high school students through discipleship groups on Sundays and/or Wednesday nights.

College Ministry – Invests in college students through discipleship groups on Wednesday nights and/or “adopting” a college student throughout the year.