North Side offers certified Biblical counseling for our church members and to members of our community in the areas of: marriage/divorce, financial, emotional (anxiety, worry, depression), grief, and guidance/direction.

The goal in any counseling (whether Christian or secular) is to help people change – but into what?  We strive to equip people to become more like Christ by addressing their specific issues by using God’s Word, the Bible.  It is the standard and it is sufficient.

“If you think seriously at all, after you’ve talked about everything else you will come back again and again to the issue of the standard.  I ask you not to close the door on this matter too quickly.  Until it is resolved you can do nothing.  You are planning to help people; fine.  But that means changing them. The question is not only how, but, most basically, into what?  The Christian replies, “into the likeness of Jesus Christ.”  Is there any other answer?  — Jay Adams

Request a counseling appointment by clicking the button below or by calling the church office at (864) 229-6010.

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Pastor, Care & Senior Adults



Care Classes are offered at different times throughout the year.  These classes are designed to equip individuals to use God’s Word, the Bible, to address the various issues they are facing. Topics that are commonly covered include the following: marriage/divorce, financial, emotional (anxiety, worry, depression), grief, and guidance/direction.

These classes provide a way for topics that are generally covered in a one on one counseling session to be addressed in a larger group setting. This approach allows an individual to identify and engage with others with similar experiences.