WE MEET AT 409 Northside Dr W. Greenwood, SC 29649

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SMALL GROUPS @ 9.30AM | Various Locations
EQUIP CLASSES @ 9.30AM | Chapel
CHILDREN 5 & UNDER | Children’s Area
SUNDAY GATHERING @ 11AM | Worship Center (includes children 6 & up)


PRESCHOOL | 6 – 7.30PM
CHILDREN | 6 – 7.30PM
MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS | 6 – 7.30PM | Family Life Center


  • What are Sunday gatherings like at North Side?

    • Our Sunday gatherings are simple, in that we worship Christ together through singing, praying, and hearing the Word preached. Because we believe that church is a people and not a place, we have strategically designed our ministries to be go and tell instead of come and see. This means that we emphasize that our people pursue Jesus all 168 hours of the week, instead of the 1 hour when our church family gathers.

  • Where do I go when I arrive on North Side’s campus?

    • The main doors of our worship center face the parking lot in front of Northside drive. When you enter the main doors into our commons area, you will see our guest services desk straight ahead. Our host team will be glad to help you get coffee, check-in your children, and find a seat.

  • What do you offer for children on Sunday mornings?

    • Because we believe that parents are the primary disciple makers in the home, we invite children 6 years of age and older to attend the gathering with their parents at 11:00am. Learn more about why we do this.

    • Gospel Groups for preschoolers (ages 5 and under) are designed to equip preschoolers to learn about the love of Jesus and the Gospel. Using Gospel-centered curriculum, preschoolers are provided with age appropriate activities and lessons each Sunday morning that is focused on evangelizing each child and equipping them to grow in their knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is offered at 9.30am & 11am, with safe & friendly children’s ministry volunteers who have passed background checks. Learn More

  • What kind of preaching should I expect?

    • In order to remain true and faithful to God’s Word, we consistently preach through the “whole counsel of God” one book at a time. This means our teaching staff will walk through passages of Scripture, expounding upon the original meaning of the text, while helping us understand how we should live in light of the Biblical truth presented.

  • What kind of songs do you sing?

    • We believe that corporate worship through song is commanded by God in the Scriptures. Singing together as the body of Christ reorients our affections, encourages our fellow believers, and glorifies God. You can listen to all the songs we currently sing on Sundays in our digital songbook.