Why We Go


We believe that God’s heart is for the whole world and as a church we want to be obedient to the call on our lives to make disciples of all nations. Rev. 7:9 gives us a glimpse into our eternal future with a gathering of people that God has redeemed unto himself from every nation, tribe, tongue and language. We want to join God in the work that he is doing and we want our loves to be the things that he loves. We go because God himself is a missionary God and our desire as a church live as faithful stewards of the Gospel both here in Greenwood and to the ends of the earth.

our philosophy

Our philosophy of missions is to focus on a few strategic areas of the world so that we can make a lasting impact. We seek to establish long-term partnerships with missionaries and places in the world where the Gospel is largely unknown among unreached peoples.

What is a people group?

A people group is an ethno-linguistic group with a shared identity based on language or ethnicity.  It is the largest group within which the gospel can spread without significant barriers to understanding.

There are approximately 111,757 people groups worldwide.

Information provided by The International Mission Board - Global Research

How do we determine if a people group is reached or unreached?

An unreached people group (UPG) is a people group in which less than 2% of the population is Evangelical Christians. Globally, there are approximately 7,088 UPGs.

What is an unreached, unengaged people group (UUPG)?

Unengaged unreached people groups have no coordinated evangelical Christian missionary presence among them. Unengaged unreached people groups have never heard the gospel, or they may have been exposed to the gospel in the past, but have been forgotten.

There are approximately 3,146 UUPG’s worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the requirements for overseas missions?

  1. Participate in all pre-trip training sessions
  2. Obtain a valid passport (if necessary)
  3. Receive all recommended vaccinations

+ How old do I have to be?

18+ unless you are traveling with a parent

+ How Much does it Cost?

Through the generosity of our faith family we are able to offset a large part of the total cost. The price of the trip is posted on each trip opportunity.

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