• Why plant churches?

    • In order to obey and fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). The best way for churches to obey the call to make disciples is through Biblical church planting. Jesus has called His followers to preach His word, make disciples, baptize them and teach them. This should all be done in the context of the local church. Therefore, the best way to obey the Great Commission is through churches planting churches.

    • There is a great need for new churches. The Lord has been gracious to us as Southern Baptists, and currently there is approximately 47,000 SBC churches throughout the world, with over 15 million members throughout the world.

    • New churches produce more evangelistic results. While we are not about numbers, one cannot help but realize that new churches reach more people for Christ than established churches do. Church plants are six to eight times more effective evangelistically than established churches (Greeat, 224). Therefore, while we champion the tenure of many churches, we must recognize that church plants seem to be more evangelistically effective. If everyone is concerned with Kingdom growth and the glory of God, then it should not matter where the evangelism comes from, whether new or established churches.

  • How does North Side plant churches?

    • Identify Planter- Each member of North Side who is interested in planting a church will meet with the Elders of North Side for approval. If approved, the planter will begin being equipped in the Church Planting Residency Program.

    • Church Planting Residency Program- The CPRP of North Side is a 12-18 month residency that equips each planter before he is sent out. This residency will consist of each planter learning from the staff pastors of North Side, and will be equipped in the areas of missions, evangelism, pastoral leadership, preaching, Biblical counseling and administrative skills. Once the planter has completed the residency program, North Side will catalyze the planter.

    • Catalyze Planter- North Side will catalyze each planter by sending him and the core team to the area of the harvest that the Lord has called them to. The new church will proclaim the Gospel to those who are still blinded from the truth.

  • What is a support planter?

    • North Side will covenant with each church planting team, to support , prayer support and by sending teams to help evangelize the lost.

  • Who can plant a church?

    • Ultimately, church planters are pastors. Therefore each planter must meet the Biblical qualifications of a pastor as given in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. In addition to the qualifications of a pastor, each planter must:

    • Have an inward desire to serve God.

    • Have affirmation from his sending church.

    • Have a heart for the lost (the unchurched and the unreached and the unengaged).

    • Be able to equip the body for the work of ministry.

    • Be able to multiply and reproduce both leadership and churches.

    • Rely filling upon the Spirit of God.

    • Continue to grow in his relationship with Christ.


Jordan, Leah, Haddon, & Knox Embree

Church planters in Bellingham, WA