North Side Baptist Church exists to glorify God through Christ-centered worship, faithful discipleship, and everyday missional living.

What does this statement mean? It means that we aim to: worship and treasure Jesus over everything else, be faithful to God’s Word and each other, and leverage all of our time, money, resources, gifts, and abilities to demonstrate and proclaim the Gospel to the world.



In Genesis 1 & 2, we see that a perfect and holy God created all things, including humans, and declared all things good. God created humans as His image bearers (imago Dei) to procreate, and take care of and rule over the earth in order to declare His glory throughout creation. But quickly, things changed. 


Adam and Eve, the first humans, were in a perfect relationship with God. That is until the sneaky serpent, Satan, came and deceived Eve. Eve and Adam ate of the forbidden tree, and God cursed the serpent, In that moment, all of creation was cursed and subject to futility.

But, there is a hope found in Genesis 3:15. A future King who would one day come to crush the head of that deceptive serpent. 


For thousands of years, God’s people (the Israelites) hoped and awaited for their promised Messiah, until one night, a virgin named Mary gave birth to Jesus. This was God Himself in human flesh! Jesus grew up, and lived a holy and perfect life. But, the world rejected and despised Him (John 15:18-20). He was betrayed, arrested, beaten, crucified, and buried. All hope seemed lost. 


That is, until three days later when Jesus rose back to life, defeating sin, death, and Satan himself. When Jesus was crucified, not only did He die, but His death accomplished atonement (or covering of sins) for all who would believe in Him – giving them eternal life through Him! After he was resurrected, He ascended to the right hand of the Father, and will return one day to judge the world, and restore all things back to God. 

Through the grand story of Scripture, we see that God has made a way for sinful man to be reconciled back to God, and this is the hope of people from all nations. 


North Side Baptist Church is a congregation with a covenant membership and a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, South Carolina Baptist Convention, and the Lakelands Baptist Association. As a Southern Baptist church, we share the same foundational beliefs as others in our denomination (Baptist Faith and Message, 2000) which includes the belief in the autonomy of the local church. This autonomy was true of the New Testament churches and we, as Southern Baptists, continue this belief and practice.


While we share the same foundational doctrine of all Southern Baptist churches (inerrancy of Scripture, believer’s baptism, the Trinity, Jesus as the only way to salvation, etc.), one important distinctive of North Side is that we are ruled by a plurality of elders. We practice this leadership because we believe this is the leadership that governed the churches in the New Testament. This plurality of elders is comprised of five staff elders and twelve lay elders. These men are the spiritual leadership of North Side Baptist Church.


North Side’s Foundations are the theological and practical guideposts that direct everything we do together as a church body.


We believe that the Bible is the Word of God—fully inspired and without error in the original manuscripts, written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. In order to remain true and faithful to God’s Word, we consistently preach through the “whole counsel of God” one book at a time.


The Church is not a place – it is a people, the bride of Christ. We are a church who believes we need each other to remain faithful to Jesus until the end. Jesus taught that our love for one another will be the first and best testimony of Him to the world. Married, single, young, old, student, child, male, female – we need each other in order to obey all that Jesus commanded.


We believe worship is about God and for God. Corporate worship is an important discipline for the gathered Church that forms and shapes our motives and affections towards God and denies the competing messages of the world. Personal (scattered) worship throughout the week leads to (gathered) unified worship when we join together.


We believe that parents are to be the main spiritual influencers in their children's lives. Our elders, staff, and ministry leaders' goal is to reinforce what is already happening in the home and to resource parents with Biblical teaching, practical application of Scripture, prayer, and mentorship as they seek to disciple their children in the truth of the gospel.


We believe that a plurality of elders is the Biblical model for church leadership. These men seek to lead, feed, care for, and equip the flock (our church family) for God’s purposes. Elders provide a healthy accountability structure for our church as we seek God’s will together.


God has graciously given to us first, so we generously give our time, money, and resources for the glory of God and the good of others. This is both an act of worship and a discipline that conditions our hearts toward “storing our treasures in heaven.”


We believe that making disciples is the primary mission of the church, We seek to do this through equipping the saints (each member) for the work of the ministry. We do this through the teaching of knowledge, service, and spiritual disciplines. elders, group leaders, and other leaders who seek to prepare our people to make disciples and do whatever work of ministry God is calling them to do. The body of Christ grows together when each member is working properly, and so we are devoted to equipping the members of our church family to serve Jesus well with the gifts they have each been given.


We aim to live on mission through engaging and evangelizing the world around us as we go about our daily routines. We make disciples in our homes, our neighborhoods, our jobs, our region, and throughout the world.